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3 Tips on Spring Cleaning your Deck

  As the spring rolls in and winter’s cold and ice fade away with the seasons, it is time to start fresh with a little spring cleaning. While you are busy decluttering your life, home and anything else that could probably use a little extra spring cleaning, don’t forget to spring clean your deck. Over the years decks have become a place of gathering and fun with the ones you love, so take a moment to prepare your deck for the many memories to come. These three tips will help you spring ready your deck. 


Check Your Deck

 As seasons change, take a moment to inspect your deck for damages it may have incurred during the harsh winter months. Checking your deck will allow you to determine what needs to be repaired and ensure its safety. It is important to examine the screws and bolts under the deck for rust. Rusted fasteners or connectors can compromise the structure and stability of your deck. If you observe rusting of any sort contact a professional immediately to get the problem fixed. 

After you have made sure that the deck is structurally sound, make sure your railings are properly installed. Deck railings are an important safety feature to any deck. Railings should be able to support a decent amount of weight without swaying or wobbling when pushed or leaned against. However, how much your railing can support depends on the specific type of railing you have. Your railing should be firm enough to support someone walking down the stairs or if someone was to slip. If your railing is wobbly or your hardware is rusted, contact professional help to get your deck issues solved correctly.

Mold & Mildew  

  Spring arrives with a new set of worries and concerns for your outdoor decking. Warm and wet weather provides the perfect conditions for mold growth on the surface of your deck. Mold and mildew eat away at the structure of your deck and can pose a potential slipping hazard if the growth becomes out of control. As the weather transitions, make sure to clean your deck to prevent excessive mold growth, so your deck stays looking its best. 

Clean Your Deck

Composite decking is convenient and durable, making it a breeze to clean. As spring sets in, remember to wash away all the grime that fall and winter have left behind. In most cases, a good hose down with soap and water will be just enough to clean up your deck. In other cases, you may need to opt for a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be a great way to get rid of all the dirt and debris on your deck, but most importantly ensure that the settings are suitable for your specific deck. Improper settings on your pressure washer can potentially damage the surface of your deck. Choose the best cleaning methods for your specific deck to ensure the best results. 

These three tips will get your deck spring ready in no time. Always inquire for professional help for more complicated issues with your decking and railing. Erdmann Exteriors professional deck builders have expertise in building quality decks perfect for any backyard barbecue. 

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