Jeff Cermak


Jeff has been working in the construction field since 1985, working summers and breaks during his college career at NIU. After college, he worked for a family-owned business, Nelson Brothers Building Contractors. This is where he learned not only the skilled portion of the industry, but also the administrative side of the business.

In 1996, he started his own business and ran this successfully for 26 years. In June of 2022, Jeff made the decision to work with the team at Erdmann Exterior Designs.

Jeff’s experience includes working closely with customers and contractors, along with several other professions and entities associated within the industry. While in business for himself, he has built several homes, remodeled homes, and remodeled and built new restaurants. 

He has worked closely within the community association industry, handling large projects such as balcony remodeling and painting along with individual requests from homeowners. 

With a well-rounded level of experience, Jeff is a great communicator with a wealth of knowledge in a field he is passionate about. Jeff donates his time to a local charity that fundraises already established organizations benefiting women and children in need. CATIF has contributed over $200,000 to local organizations.

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