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We are so excited to share this new information with you. We are extending our previous five year workmanship warranty to a lifetime workmanship warranty. I know, we are excited too. We want to show our clientsP1010398-edited that we stand behind our work. But wait…what if we have already completed your project years ago. Don’t worry we are grandfathering in all past clients. The only thing you have to do if reach out to us. Either call the office (847-357-9607) or email Kyle ( and say that you want to signed up for the warranty. After that all you need to do is schedule a checkup every five years. How do you remember to schedule a checkup every fives years?? Well you can make a custom calendar reminder in your phone? so that you never forget. Technology am I right?

The Basics.

If you aren’t a past, present, or future client of ours you might just be looking here for some basic information about home remodeling warranties. If you aren’t I don’t know why you’re here then. Home remodeling warranties vary from state to state so before signing anything you should really check and see what you are legally entitled to. There is a type of thing called an implied warranty. This is when the contract does not have specific warranty disclaimer but due to laws in place it is understood between both parties what is included. Types of implied warranties are warranties of good workmanship and warranties of habitability. Good workmanship means that there is an expectation that a home was not built in a crappy way. Habitability implies that the home in question is safe to live in.

One Year Warranties

If a builder offers a one year warranty chances are it is in lieu of the implied warranties. This could also be called a callback warranty. This means that the homeowner can call their contractor and it is expected that they will fix whatever needs fixing. This is a plus for the builders because they are off the hook by the end of the year. It kinda stinks for the homeowner though since after that year they are SOL. If you are offered a one year warranty remember that it is a negotiable point of your contract. If you don’t ask for a longer warranty then there is no way you are going to get one.

The Warning Signs

Not all contractors are as up front as us. There are some signs that you should be on the lookout for.  Number one, if the sales representative contacts you first or shows up at your home uninvited chances are they are going to try and convince you that weather-1there is something wrong with your house. Chances are they are “storm chasers”. That means they are mobile companies that travel around praying on homeowners with storm damage. Since they go where the weather goes if something breaks they will not be there to fix it. Number two, if the sales representative tried to get you to sign a contract at the first meeting or if they speak fast trying to confuse you.  Here at Erdmann we have a two step sales process. The first meeting is just to go over your basic needs. While our sales representatives are out measuring your home to get you an accurate quote, you will be able to look at all of our past projects on their iPads. The second meeting is to go over the quote that was developed after the initial meeting. Number three, if the sales representative offers to take you to the bank to withdraw funds in order to pay them. Don’t get in cars with strangers. Number four, if the contractor asks for payment in full up front. How do you know that you will be happy with your project?

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